Step 1:  Presentation to management (one half hour).

Understanding the system to support implementation.

Step 2:  Evaluation of current practices

Everyone has some form of project management system in place, and some components that work better than others. The PM-PROformance™ System effectively targets only those components that need improving, providing you with a benchmark report outlining the current status of project management techniques and recommended changes.

Step 3: Selection

Specialist(s) are selected, coaches are assigned and trainees are identified.

Step 4:  Modification

The PM-PROformance™ System is tailored to meet the unique specifications of your organization.

Step 5:  The seminar (2 hours)

Overview training of the PM-PROformance™ System. The goal is to provide awareness of what is involved. We do not expect the information to be retained at this point.

Step 6:  Implementation

A PM-PROformance™coach works with the trainee(s) on an as-needed basis, supporting project work as it arises. The principle is to have the coach demonstrate a technique, then have the trainee complete it under supervision. Site meetings can be easily arranged, however communication vehicles such as e-mails, SKYPE and other web programs are utilized wherever possible to maximize response times and reduce expenses.

Step 7: Support

Additional support is available wherever needed.

Step 8:  The audit

Reviews are recommended every three months, to ensure your organization continues to benefit from the system and to measure progress against established benchmarks. © Technical Partners International Inc.. All rights reserved